Monday, November 26, 2012

On and off my needles

 This fall has been very busy, but I'm still finding time to knit! My current work in progress is this cute green skirt. The pattern's really easy, too:

Cast on 42 stitches for the waistband and knit in 1 by 1 ribbing until it fits you. Then, pick up stitches along one side. Divide the number of stitches you have (I had 260) by 4 and mark 4 increase points. Increase every 6 rows three times, then every tenth row until the skirt is done. I'm about 20 inches from being done. It's slow but steady knitting, and I can't wait to have my finished skirt to wear!

I've been working on some other fun projects, too. This pretty purple shawl is in a lovely yarn - Hemp 6 - with a lot of drape. Edda crocheted a flower to add a little extra charm.

I'm especially excited about this last shawl - it's for my future daughter-in-law! My son is getting married at the end of December and they asked me to make something to help keep the beautiful bride warm. I wound up asking Betsy to help me with the edging, and she did a great job. It's Kidsilk Haze on size 9 needles. The pattern is called Purity.